IB Middle Years Programme: Grades 7 - 11

Community and Service at Beurling Academy

Contributing to the community through volunteer work is an important step to becoming a responsible citizen.  This is why all students at Beurling Academy are encouraged to participate in charitable activities and students in the IB program are required to fulfill a certain amount of hours each year.

As a guideline, grade 7 students are expected to contribute 10 hours to their immediate community.  In grade 8, students should accumulate 10 hours in and around the school community.  By the time students arrive in grade 10, they should commit themselves to one or two organizations to fulfill their mandatory 20 hours.  And finally, in grade 11, students are expected to take a responsible role for 10 hours in a single organization.

The monthly Community & Service Bulletin provides you with a list of scheduled school activities, and their supervising teachers, as well as updates on any other opportunities for volunteer work both in and outside of the school.  This list is distributed through your homeroom teachers and it will be posted on the Community & Service Bulletin Board.

Although some of us can consider being nice to our little brothers an act of charity, not all nice actions can be credited as Community & Service hours.  The basic guiding rule is; if someone is winning profits or awards then it is not Community & Service. All volunteer work must have a contact person with whom involvement can be verified.

Finally, level leaders will collect Community & Service booklets at the beginning of each term to verify that students have completed 1/3 of their requirement and again at the beginning of May to verify the full completion.  Your booklet is your responsibility.


Failure to meet deadlines will result in contact with parents and a consideration for student withdrawal from the IBO Program.