Guidance - General Information

What a guidance counsellor does:
A Guidance Counsellor is a trained professional who offers career and personal counselling to interested students. A Guidance counsellor can assist students in exploring their post-secondary options or help students work through personal difficulties. Conversations with a Guidance Counsellor are confidential. Students who are under 14 years old need their parents’ permission for ongoing counselling.


Some topics you might want to discuss with a Guidance Counsellor include:

  • Relationships issues: Trouble making friends, problems with girlfriend or boyfriend, etc.
  • Family difficulties: Conflict, illness, death, divorce, step-parent, etc.
  • Emotional struggles: Feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, sad, angry, etc.
  • Bullying or social drama.
  • Self-esteem, self-confidence, assertiveness.
  • Sexuality: Sexual orientation, safe sex, pregnancy scare, etc.
  • Academic support: Looking for a tutor, help with time management, etc.
  • What to do after High School: Graduation requirements, information on CEGEPs and programs, Vocational Training, Adult education, etc.

How to request an appointment with a Guidance Counsellor:

Students are invited to see Ms. Mavis Teye in the morning, at recess, lunch, or even after school to set up an appointment.