Guidance - CEGEP Information

  • A student who has graduated from High School is admissible to CEGEP but being admissible does not guarantee being admitted.
  • Many programs have specific requirements:
    • Prerequisites are specific courses, usually in advanced math and/or advanced science). Some programs require advanced Sec. 4 math and/or science, others require both these and Sec. 5 advanced math and/or Advanced science (Physics, chemistry).
    • Portfolio, audition, physical fitness test, letter of intent, driver’s license.
    • Good grades. 
  • Admission decision is based primarily on grades:
    • Weighted averages calculated by CEGEPs.
    • Initial decision based on Sec. 4 end of year results and summary results after Sec. 5 Term 2.
  • COMPETITIVE PROCESS! Students must make realistic choices in their application(s) to avoid automatic refusals. Guidance Counsellors can help!  
  • Acceptance to CEGEP is CONDITIONAL. Students need to maintain their average in order to keep their spot! 
  • CEGEP 2-year versus 3 year programs:
  2-year “Pre-University” programs 3-year “Career/Technology” programs
  • Prepare student for university studies
  • Theoretical rather than “hands on”
  • Include university prerequisites in program
  • Does not develop the work skills to obtain a job in that field without further study
  • Prepare students for work
  • Develop marketable knowledge and skills
  • Often include stage/internship
  • Student can still go on to university (may need to take additional prerequisites for chosen university program)
  • Some university programs offer advanced standing to graduates of 3-year CEGEP programs

Browsing CEGEP websites allows you to gather information about the variety of programs that are offered, and the requirements of each. Following are the colleges most commonly applied to by graduates of Beurling Academy: