IB Middle Years Programme: Grades 7 - 11

Société des écoles du monde du BI du Québec et de la francophonie

In 2018 Beurling Academy joined SÉBIQ and started the three year implementation process. SÉBIQ is a Québec based organization that supports the implementation of the Middle Years Programme. 

As a member school greater focus will be placed on the enrichment of all three languages taught over the course of the five years of the MYP (English, French and Spanish).

Membership with SÉBIQ will allow Beurling students the opportunity to receive an additional diploma upon graduation once the local requirements are fully implemented. Students will have the chance to receive a DÉSI (Diplome d’éducation secondaire internationale de la société des ecoles du monde du BI du Québec et de la francophonie).

The Service régional d’admission de Montréal (SRAM) gives students an additional 2% on their overall average when applying to CEGEP is they have attained the DÉSI.