IB Middle Years Programme: Grades 7 - 11

Personal Project

Personal Project starts in March of year four of the MYP and finishes in February of year five.

Each student develops a Personal Project independently, producing a truly personal piece of work that functions as a summative assessment of their ability to work within the framework of the MYP.

Students are able to choose a staff member to supervise them and their work throughout the project.

Students must successfully complete the personal project in order to graduate from the Middle Years Programme.

Examples of Past Personal Projects:

Building a Soapbox 
Derby Racer
Creation of a 
Financial Planning 
Guide for Teens
Creation of a
Graphic Novel
Designing and 
Coding a Video Game
Designing a
Prom Dress
Discovering a 
Fulfilling Hobby
Exploring a Suitable 
Career Path
Hosting a Basketball 
Improving Baking 
Improving Personal
Health Through
Weight Loss
Learning How to
Make Architectural 
Learning How to 
the Fear of
Public Speaking
Learning How to 
Play the Guitar
Learning How to Sing Learning How to 
Take Better Photographs
Learning Traditional 
Chinese Tie-Dye
Organizing a School 
Talent Show
Painting of a Mural Writing a Novel Writing Original 
Pieces of Music