IB Middle Years Programme: Grades 7 - 11

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How will this program benefit the education of my child?

Answer: The IB Middle Years Programme is based on a student centred approach to learning. Emphasis is placed on the value of students understanding how they best learn, as well the strategies needed to be successful. The goal is to develop not just the student, but the whole person. IB students understand their place within both local and global communities and the importance of being internationally minded.


2) Who can I contact to ask questions about Beurling’s IB program?

Answer: Questions can be directed to the school’s IBMYP Coordinator. Mr. Ian Alexander can be reached either by telephone, or via email at: ialexander@lbpearson.ca.


3) Does my child have to write an entrance exam?

Answer: Yes. Students at local LBPSB elementary schools are given the opportunity to write the IB Entrance Exam while in the 5th grade. Students coming from outside the Lester B. Pearson School Board should contact the school about entrance requirements.


4) How many languages is my child required to study?

Answer: Three. IB students at Beurling Academy study English, French and Spanish.


5) Are there additional fees for students in the IB program?

Answer: Yes. There is an additional fee added to the basic school fees cost for students in IBMYP.


6) Which courses will my child take in French?

Answer: All IB students take Français as a course for the entirety of the program. Students in Cycle 1 additionally take Science, Design, Individuals & Societies and Ethics in French. IB Students in Cycle 2 continue to take their Individuals & Societies courses and their Ethics courses in French.


7) Is my child able to be an IB student even though they receive Resource support or have an IEP?

Answer: Yes. The Middle Years Programme is meant to be inclusive. Although used as the school’s enrichment program, there are students who receive Resource support and/or have an IEP.