IB Middle Years Programme: Grades 7 - 11

Community Project

Community Project starts in November of year three of the MYP and finishes later that same year in April. It is meant to help students develop a greater understanding of the needs of respective communities and of the importance of service as action.

Students working alone, or in groups of two or three, create an awareness campaign or a community service initiative. This may be done within, or outside of the school.

Students are able to choose a staff member to supervise them and their work throughout the project.

The community project is done in addition to their required community service hours.

Examples of Past Community Projects:

BA Thrift Store for
Student Uniform Needs
Creation of a School
Chess Club
Designing Ceiling 
Panels to Reflect IB Learner Profile Traits
Food Drive for
Share the Warmth
Fundraising for the
Armed Forces
Fundraising for the
Humans of BA: An Instagram
Music Fair 
Showcasing Original 
Local Talent
Organizing a 
Basketball Tournament
Organizing a Dance
to Support
LGBTQ Awareness 
Organizing an 
Dodgeball League    
Preparing Care 
Packages for the 
Promoting Physical 
Activity at Local 
Elementary Schools
Promoting Positive Relationships with
those who have
Down’s Syndrome
Promoting Unity
hrough Murals at a
Local Elementary School
Providing French 
Remediation at a Local Elementary School
Raising Awareness 
about Alzheimer’s 
Raising Awareness 
about Local Invasive 
Reading to Children
at the Local Boys’ and Girls’ Club
Writing of Postcards
for Soldiers Affected by PTSD