Prepaid Electronic Meal Cards for LBPSB Cafeterias

Prepaid Meal Cards are available at your high school cafeteria. All cafeterias follow the LBPSB Food & Nutrition Policy ensuring that your student is purchasing a freshly prepared lunch or snack at prices that are approved annually by the council of commissioners. The Policy, current year price list and menu is available on our website at http://foodservice.lbpsb.qc.ca


  • The initial meal card is supplied free of charge upon making the card purchase
  • In the event of a lost card replacement cards are $5.
  • Parents may pay in cash, by cheque or online.
  • Cheques to be made to “Groupe Compass Quebec Ltée”.
  • Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.
  • NSF cheques will result in a $20 charge.

You may put any amount on the card. The minimum is $5. We suggest putting $25 on each card. If a card is lost, the remaining amount on the card is secure. Please notify the cafeteria manager immediately so that the remaining amount may be transferred to the replacement card.

It is recommended that the student see the cashier during a quiet time in the cafeteria, such as at the end of recess or lunch. He/she must present their electronic cafeteria card and identification to the cashier to ensure that the transaction is recorded for the correct person. Each family member must have their own card. The amount is recorded on the student’s card and can be used immediately.

The student may use the card for all cafeteria purchases. When a card balance reaches approximately $10, the cashier will notify the student. A paper receipt is given to the student should they request it. NOTE: Only the Cafeteria Manager and the cashiers have access to the balance on the student card.

If you prefer using the online payment system….please see over.

For additional information please go to the LBPSB website link above.


Chartwells student dining online access

Chartwells web site offers you the opportunity to recharge your child’s High School Caf- Card in a convenient environmentally friendly way. The customized website allows you to consult your cafeteria menu, nutrition tips and price list. You can also access information about our partners with whom we work to bring the highest quality products to your children! From the comfort of your home,

All the information to load your child’s caf-card can be found at:
click on “Schools” then “Menus”.
Register using the username and password below.
Username: beurling
Password: cafeteria

Look for the blue box “Place an Order”. Click on it to load the card.
You are now on the payment page. You will need to indicate either your child’s Caf-Card
 (see picture below) or “new” if purchasing a new card online and do not have a
Caf-card number.

Please allow 24 hours for the payment to appear on your child’s Caf-Card.


This information is being provided to you by the L.B.P.S.B. Department of Food Service & Nutrition in collaboration with Chartwells student Dining




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