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Peer Tutoring

In order to qualify to be a tutor in the peer-tutoring program at Beurling Academy, a student must have obtained a final grade of 80% or higher in a given subject (no exceptions). Those that qualify will be paired with a student that has requested support in the subject(s) that the tutor is willing and able to provide assistance with (see below). The program will work as such:


  • Students must have finished the year with an overall grade of 80% or higher in order to offer tutoring in that subject
  • Students must be in grade 9 or above to be able to tutor
  • Generally, tutors will be paired with a student in a grade level below them. However, exceptions cam be made (see Mr. Khan)
  • The cost of tutoring will be 10$/hour. The student receiving tutoring should have their money ready to pay their tutor by the end of the session
  • If there any issues regarding a student’s ability to pay for tutoring, please see Mr. Khan
  • Once a student has been paired with a tutor, scheduling of tutoring sessions will be done by the student and their tutor

‚ÄčTutoring can be done before school, at lunch, or after school. If it is being done before/after school, please see Mr. Khan to let him know.




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