Graduation Requirements

Quebec High School Graduation Requirements

The Minister shall award a Secondary School Diploma to students who earn at least 54 credits at the Secondary IV or V level. Among those credits, there must be at least 20 credits at the secondary V level and…

1. 6 credits in Secondary V language of instruction;

2. 4 credits in Secondary V second language;

3. 4 credits in Secondary IV mathematics;

4. 4 credits in Secondary IV science and technology or 6 credits in Secondary IV applied science and technology;

5. 4 credits in Secondary IV history and citizenship education;

6. 2 credits in Secondary IV arts education;

7. 2 credits in Secondary V ethics and religious culture or physical education and health


CEGEP Entry Requirements

Current minimum entry requirements for CEGEP are the same as for obtaining a high school diploma (DES) as above. Please pay attention to specific course pre-requisites for particular programs as they are indicated by each CEGEP. The CEGEP’s have provided new guidelines for all programs requiring Math and/or Science pre-requisites, based on the new QEP Math and Science pathways.

Please contact the Guidance Counsellor at Beurling Academy, or CEGEP Admissions Officers, if you have questions.


Vocational Education Requirements

For most vocational programs offered through Quebec School Boards, minimum entry requirements are Sec. IV English (language of instruction), French (second language), and Math. There are certain exceptions. A High School Diploma can be completed concurrently with a Vocational Diploma.





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