Sec IV Special Interest Options

Digital Media  452

This course is intended to introduce students to digital media techniques in addition to Microsoft Office skills. Students will be introduced to simple animation techniques, video and sound editing, CBL (computer-based learning) modules and internet sites. Students are expected to develop and organize ideas, both individually and in a team approach.

Literacy 452

The literacy course is designed to help students develop their basic reading and writing skills in a comfortable learning environment. This course offers an opportunity to build reading comprehension skills while finding a love for reading once and for all!

Wood/Robotics 412

In this course, students will begin with woodworking using hand-tools and studying the design process.  Later in the year students will move on to more complex projects, and use power tools (under supervision). Students will learn to work professionally as a team. Beyond science and engineering principals, the Robotics program encourages leadership and problem solving within the groups of students. The VEX Robotics Kits are the standard materials for schools entering the Canadian Robotics Competition. The Beurling Woodworking and Robotics Program will provide students with a rich workshop experience that will include not only in-class lessons and projects, but also guest speakers bringing years of working knowledge and experience in the field.

Cooking for Life 444

This is a hands-on course that examines two areas of personal growth - Cooking and Independent Living skills. 

Cooking and Baking Skills

  1. Nutrition - Canada's Food Guide:  How to Read Food Labels.
  2. Prepairing Menus
  3. Shopping, Lists and Costs
  4. Basic Cooking and Baking skills
  5. Exposure to Multicultural Foods
  6. Introduction to alternaive food choices (ie:  veganism)




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