Sec V Special Interest Options

Chemistry 504

This course is a prerequisite for several programs at the CEGEP level (e.g. Sciences, some technologies, etc.). The program proposes an active learning method based on problem solving and the inquiry approach. A research project forms part of the curriculum.

Topics to be covered include:


  • Gases and their properties
  • Chemical reactions
  • Energy
  • Speed of reactions and equilibrium

Physics 504

This course is designed for students who wish to pursue post-secondary studies in science related programs in CEGEP and university. It involves the Constructivist Approach to scientific inquiry. Students will learn Physics concepts by conducting experiments using the scientific method and apply the theory through problem solving. The text used, “Fundamentals of Physics”, is the recognized text by the MEQ for Physics 534 in the Anglophone sector.


Term and final marks for each of these courses consist of a Theory and Lab evaluation.

1. Practical 40%  2.  Theory 60%

Pre-requisite courses: Science/Technology and the Environment;  Science or Technical Math


Biology 534

The purpose of the secondary V Biology program is to provide students with the basic understanding of the fundamental processes and molecules essential to living organisms.  Students will also develop their critical thinking skills and laboratory techniques in order to fully integrate their understanding.  Biology 534 will provide a foundation for introductory science courses in CEGEP.

Combatives 544

This course consists of a combination of wrestling, kickboxing, jujitsu, capoeira, and other martial arts. The course will consist of conditioning classes as well as skill-building classes.

Creative Writing 574

In this class students will explore four main topics: short stories, journalism, speech writing, and script writing.  Students will build upon prior knowledge from English classes however there is no pre-requisite for the class.  Students are expected to see writing as a process as they will focus on planning their writing, examining literary elements and editing their work.


Literacy 544

In this class students will look at how our ability to analyze and synthesizes material affects our understanding of said material and try to develop these skills. Critical thinking is a must in this day and age. Students will be able to make their own decisions about the world around them in this course. Students will look critically at a society that does not encourage everyone to free themselves from the shackles of illiteracy. Students will explore their voice and its impact on the community.

Peer and Student Leadership 544

Leadership is an elective course taught four classes within the six-day cycle.

In Peer and Student Leadership,  students will have the opportunity to learn and practice leadership skills by providing practical help to their peers and younger students through tutoring, mediation, mentoring and classroom support. In this course they will learn the necessary skills needed to be a peer helper as well as having the experience of applying the skills by assisting teachers in classes both within Beurling Academy and nearby elementary schools.

Our Leadership class will also promote and develop positive school spirit within the Beurling Academy Community through a variety of student-led activities. Students will learn not only how to organize an event (using the Cooperative structure), but also learn about different Leadership styles, effective communication, goal setting and time management. Students are asked to be responsible, autonomous, creative and show initiative as they will be key in the success of these activities

Wood Robotics 544

In this course, students will begin with woodworking using hand-tools and studying the design process.  Later in the year students will move on to more complex projects, and use power tools (under supervision). Students will learn to work professionally as a team. Beyond science and engineering principals, the Robotics program encourages leadership and problem solving within the groups of students. The VEX Robotics Kits are the standard materials for schools entering the Canadian Robotics Competition. The Beurling Woodworking and Robotics Program will provide students with a rich workshop experience that will include not only in-class lessons and projects, but also guest speakers bringing years of working knowledge and experience in the field.


Introduction to Law

This course will introduce students to their rigts and obligations as defined by the Canadiean Charter of Rights and Quebec Charter of Rights. The course will stress such rights as: basic rights and freedoms - consumer rights - tenant's rights - young offenders rights. This will be hands-on course to better understand the justice system.



This course enables students to acquire a basic knowledge of economic theory and the challenges of a global economy. Part of the evaluation is a term paper that allows students to visit a corporation and interview an entrepreneur or an employee of that company. This will give students the experience to see what skills and challenges are required in our present day economy.


World History 

the Histroy of the 20th Century program requires that students bo beyond first impressions in their study of social phenomena. Students must adopt a reserach process that will help them acquire historical knowledge. They will also learn to establish connections among elements of knowledge and to increase their understanding of the social phenomena studied.



this course targets students who do not have previous knowledge of Spanish. They learn the basic vocabulary and amin sentence structure neede for written and verbal expression of the language.




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