Code of Conduct 2015-2016

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Beurling Academy Code of Conduct

To establish and maintain an atmosphere in which learning can take place, students are expected to respect themselves, respect others and respect the environment around them. The expectations in the Code of Conduct will be provided in grade level assemblies at the beginning of every school year.


Respect For Self



Regular attendance is expected of everyone.  Academic success is jeopardized when students are habitually absent.  The school must be notified by the parent/guardian of a student’s absence.  When a student returns from an absence  he or  she  must  present to  the homeroom  teacher a  dated  note  signed  by  a parent/guardian  explaining  the  absence.

Students are reminded that while they may choose not to participate in school trips, they are expected to attend classes. Please be advised that student participation in school activities is contingent upon punctuality and regular attendance.


Responsibility for Missed Work

If students miss class for school activities, it is their responsibility to obtain the class notes and complete the assignments missed. 

Parents/guardians are encouraged to plan vacations during school holidays in summer months.  Students going on vacation when school is in session may be given an indication of the work that will be covered.



Parents/guardians are encouraged to arrange medical, dental and other appointments outside of school hours or on school professional days.  A student who requires an early dismissal must bring a dated note signed by his/her parent/guardian and must present this note to his/her teacher during the homeroom period.  The time of the early dismissal will be noted on the absence list.

In case of illness, the parent/guardian will be contacted by the administration before the student is dismissed. Students notify the front office in person before leaving the building during school hours.  



A student who is late for school must report to the front office and have the time of arrival entered into their agenda. Lateness will result in consequences detailed in the Code of Conduct.


Emergency Contact

It is essential that parents/guardians provide a home, work and alternate phone number so that the school may contact someone in the case of an emergency. 



Detentions are held daily, at lunch time. Additional detentions may be assigned before and after school, and on Saturday mornings. If these are not served, parents will be notified and a suspension may be given.



Our school is subject to the rules on the use of tobacco as stated in the Tobacco Act, and we are therefore responsible for the application of these rules.  Consequently, the use of tobacco products, providing or selling tobacco to a minor will not be tolerated. In addition, it is prohibited to use tobacco products outside the school in a 9 metre radius from any door leading outside. 

If a student is caught using or selling tobacco products on school property he or she will be suspended and could be subject to a fine of between $50 to $600 according to the situation or, in the case of minors, a maximum fine of $100.  The school could also be fined up to $2000. 


Respect For Others

Cooperation and Behaviour Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Students are expected to cooperate with any teacher or adult working in the school.  Rudeness or refusal to obey instructions will not be accepted.  Students are also expected to behave in an acceptable manner in the halls and to treat their fellow students with respect.


Respect for Community

As representatives of Beurling Academy, it is important that students respect our neighbours and behave appropriately in the community.  Any student brought into the school by the police will face consequences and his/her parents will be notified. 



In accordance with the LBPSB Safe School Policy, students shall not harass other members of the Beurling community. Harassment means any behaviour in the form of repeated and hostile or unwanted conduct, verbal comments, action or gestures that affect a person’s dignity or psychological or physical integrity and that result in a harmful environment for the person. Harassment includes bullying, cyber-bullying, racial/ethno-cultural harassment or discrimination, physical or verbal abuse, slander and sexual or homophobic harassment or discrimination. These conditions also apply during travel to and from school.


Fighting, Intimidation, Threats, etc.

In  order  to  maintain a  safe and  secure environment  for  all our  students, we will  be exercising  zero  tolerance for any actions which could disturb that environment.  Fighting, rough-housing, threats, or intimidation of other students have no place in a school setting.   


Illegal Drugs and Alcohol

Illegal Drugs and/or alcohol are forbidden on or around the school premises.  Those found in violation will face suspensions, may be recommended for expulsion from school and police intervention.  


Electronic Devices and Technology

Electronic devices may only be used with express permission from the classroom teacher. Any student found in violation will have their device confiscated and later returned at the discretion of their level administrator. Discreet use of these devices will be tolerated outside of classes. The use of headphones is required when listening to music. Portable and Bluetooth speakers may not be used during regular school hours. The school is not responsible for the loss or any damage of these electronic devices.

The use of technology is a privilege not a right.  Students are expected to conduct themselves responsibly.

All students and their parents/guardians must read and sign the “Computer Use Policy” located on page 2 in this agenda.  Students will not be allowed to use a school computer unless this document has been signed. 

Laser pointers are not permitted in school.  They will be confiscated. 


Cyber Misconduct

Cyber-bullying is the use of technology to threaten, ridicule, spread rumours or defame character, and will not be tolerated.  (This includes external cyber misconduct which affects students and staff)

The misuse of technology to invade or threaten personal privacy or to disrupt the school’s culture of learning will not be tolerated.  Serious cases of cyber misconduct may warrant suspension and/or recommendation for expulsion.  Cyber threats may be subject to criminal charges.


Student Ombudsman

In accordance with the education act, the Lester B. Pearson school board has appointed a student ombudsman.  Please refer to the school board’s website @ for more comprehensive information


Respect for the Environment


Damaging or Defacing School Property and School Environment

Students are expected to respect their school and its property.  A student who damages or defaces school property will be expected to pay for whatever damage has been done to restore the defaced property to its original condition. 

When damage or vandalism has been done by a group of students the entire group will be held responsible.  Students may be required to perform community service to the school such as cleaning, picking up paper, removing graffiti, etc. 



Food must only be eaten in the cafeteria or designated rooms on the second floor of the C-Wing.  Food is not permitted in the hallways.

Students are expected to respect the cafeteria facilities, i.e. place all garbage in the containers provided and leave tables clean when their lunch is finished. 

High School Cafeteria Information:

For a copy of the high school menu, fixed price list and other information please visit the LBPSB Food Service & Nutrition Website:

All food served in the cafeteria complies with the LBPSB Food & Nutrition Policy adopted by the Council of Commissioners. 



Lockers are the property of the school.  They are loaned to students to store necessary clothing and school materials. Students must use the locker assigned by the school.  Lockers may not be shared.  Your child’s combination should be kept confidential.  Your child is strongly urged not to keep valuables, money or bus passes in their lockers. 

The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

While the school respects the student’s right to privacy, the school reserves the right to inspect lockers.



Bags are not permitted in classrooms during school hours.


Hall Passes

Students dismissed during class time are required to have a classroom hall pass.


Fire and Lock-down Drills

Fire and lock-down drills are important for a student’s safety.  We expect all students to take them seriously. Any student caught triggering the fire alarm, resulting in the evacuation of the school, will be subject to fines.

Pulling a false alarm is a criminal act and will be treated as such. 


End of Day

Students are expected to leave the school at the end of their last class.  They may remain only to participate in supervised GMAA or school activities. 



School I.D. photos will be taken on Wednesday, September 16, 2015.  The cost of the I.D. photo is included in the school fees.

In order to renew their reduced fare privilege cards for the 2015-2016 school year, the STM OPUS Card photos will also be taken on the same day as I.D. Card photos. Students must pay to cover card production fees.





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