Uniform Rules & Information

Uniform Rules

The Beurling Academy uniform consists of:

  • White  oxford shirt with Beurling crest
  • Burgundy polo shirt with Beurling crest
  • Burgundy knitted vest or sweater(s) with Beurling crest (to be worn over BA oxford or BA polo)
  • Grey uniform pant with Beurling monogram
  • Grey uniform pleated kilt with Beurling monogram
  • Burgundy hoodie with Beurling Crest

The Physical Education and Dance uniform consists of:

  • Grey  t-shirt with Beurling logo
  • Black short with Beurling logo
  • Black sweatpants with Beurling logo

Bathing suits

  • One piece swim suits for girls
  • Swimming shorts for boys


  • There is to be no ‘rolling’ of the kilts and the length must be only one inch above the knee.
  • Socks, tights and nylons must be in solid colours of black, grey or white (footless-leggings are not permitted).
  • Shoes must be black and/or white.
  • Hats, scarves, headbands and bandanas are not to be worn during school hours

All uniform items must be ordered through the school’s uniform supplier.

Forms are available at the school office.