IB Middle Years Programme: Grades 7 - 11

MYP Expectations

At Beurling Academy, the Middle Years Programme is an enrichment program and, as such, students are held to high standards of academic performance and conduct.

Attendance:  Since the program depends on student collaboration and participation, it is imperative that students be punctual and attend all classes.

Quality of work:  Students are expected to produce work that is in line with the expectation of the Middle Years Programme. Students are required to take part in interdisciplinary projects, as well as meet all deadlines as outlined by subject teachers. Students must strive to maintain an average above 70% in all of the required courses if they wish to remain in the program.

Community and Service:  This extends beyond the classroom, requiring students to participate in their surrounding communities. The emphasis is on developing community awareness, a sense of responsibility and to attain the skills needed to make effective contributions to society. Students are expected to use their Community and Service folders and to submit them twice per academic year and the requirements per grade level are as follows:

Grade 7 10 hours
Grade 8 10 hours
Grade 9 15 hours
Grade 10 20 hours
Grade 11 10 hours


Attitude: The expectation of the MYP and Beurling Academy is that it is the responsibility of students to ensure they have a positive attitude. Students must also respect and seek to develop the attributes of the Learner Profile and contribute to the program.


Students not adhering to the above expectations will have their case reviewed by teachers and administration and may be asked to leave the program. Students may also be placed on academic or behavioural contracts if they fail to meet the standard of the MYP.

At Beurling Academy we recognize the important role that parents play in the success of their child’s education. It is essential in the Middle Years Programme that parents continue to support the school by ensuring these standards and expectations are also promoted at home.